The Medley Mixers Present - Serenade

2020 Agency - now Jaywing

The Project
This innovative, augmented reality campaign was a real first for Pangaea TV. Created for use with the Blippar app, the medley mixers bar advert makes use of a clever, interactive interface. Using your smart phone and the Blippar app all you have to do is hold your phone over the medley mixers bar, it will identify the product and start playing the video in situ, which in this case is the serenade band who will sing you a tune!

Despite numerous attempts to cause Pangaea a nervous breakdown, I've failed to provoke anything but brilliant experiences and top class work from them. You'd think that filming a 17 stone man being coated in bronze paint in the referee's changing room at Wembley would phase them. But no, it was greeted with the usual can-do spirit. You'd think that asking them to organise and film a four-piece pop band playing on a cereal bar for 12 hours would cause some aggravation. But no, it was fun from start to finish. In short, Pangaea are a resourceful, collaborative and charming team who I intend to work with again and again.